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The Coach store started in 1941 in Manhattan, New York and its headquarters are in midtown Manhattan. It has more than 1,200 stores in 35 different countries, including coach outlet stores that offer the Coach branded products for lower prices.

What Does Coach Sell?
Coach products include many popular items such as women’s handbags, women’s accessories like wristlets, cosmetic holders, charms and key rings. They also sell men’s items like business cases, messenger bags, computer bags, totes, wallets, belts and card holders. In addition, they sell shoes, watches, jewelry and fragrances. All of these can be found in their regular and some in the Coach outlet stores and free coupons.

Where does Coach produce its goods?
The Coach store products are made in 20 countries, including those in Europe, America, and Asia. The leather comes from American and European animal hides. The products are then distributed and sold in the Coach regular stores and some of them in the Coach outlet stores. The outlet stores are where some of their products end up that are actual Coach products, but may not be as high of quality as the regular items in regular Coach stores.

Where are Coach Outlet Stores?
However, the Coach outlet stores are a good choice if you can’t afford to buy the regular Coach merchandise at the regular Coach department stores or online at the Coach website. Coach actually designs products specifically for the Coach outlet stores to be sold in them all over the US and Canada. You can find a Coach outlet store location by going to the store locator and picking your location at to get a list of Coach outlet stores.
It’s almost impossible to find Coach products in a retail store Coach location that are marked down, so the Coach outlet stores help people get Coach products who otherwise couldn’t afford these beautiful handbags and other leather goods. Coach won’t let regular stores mark down these handcrafted items, so the only way you can find them cheaper is to buy them at a Coach outlet store or at a Coach outlet store online coupon codes.
This is a strategy that Coach uses so they have control over the quality of their own goods, so they design and make products like handbags, wallets, and totes for both the Coach outlet stores and the Coach regular retail stores to reach two different groups of their customers. If you aren’t buying the Coach products at either the Coach retail stores or website or from an authorized Coach outlet store, then it is likely the Coach products are merely replicas and are fake, and thereby won’t be of good quality and won’t be authentic Coach leather products.
The bottom line is that if you want to buy Coach products like their handcrafted leather goods, then you have to go to the Coach retail stores, buy them online or go to the Coach outlet stores to get the real and authentic Coach branded items. So, be sure to buy real Coach items at one of these locations.